An alumnus of Drury University in Springfield, MO, Tim Blaine is a member of the Springfield Writers Guild. Never Summer is his debut novel.

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  1. Hi Tim,

    Congratulations on the honorable mention in the Reader Views Reviewers Choice Awards! We WANT your book, Never Summer, on Audiopub! Audiopub makes it easy for indie authors to record and market audiobooks.

    We want to pay you $100 for EVERY book you activate on Audiopub (up to 5).

    We ARE indie authors who also created an app. To celebrate Audiopub’s launch, we are making this offer to award-winning authors like you. Audiopub lets you upload your book content, record your book, and charge your listeners/readers, all at no cost to you. The end result is a beautiful mobile listening and reading experience that will allow your book to reach even more readers!

    We NEED great stories like yours! I really hope that you will take us up on this offer.

    Here are more details (and I’m happy to answer any questions):

    1. Email dcook@audiopub.com so I can confirm your participation in our offer to pay you $100/book and hold a spot for you.

    2. Then, sign up for Audiopub for free and add your text and audio content by June 1, when you are done place the Audiobook button (found on Audiopub) on your author website and link it to your new audiobook.

    3. Once you are done, email us the link to show the button is live and we will issue a payment via paypal of $100 for each book you added (up to 5). You need only email dcook@audiopub.com to confirm you are done adding content to get paid.

    It’s that easy!

    On June 1st, we will begin an aggressive marketing campaign to attract tens of thousands of readers, and we want your book on our platform before then! So if you’d like to be paid to create an audiobook and have a chance to attract thousands of new readers following our formal launch, just drop me an email at dcook@audiopub.com today!


    Dave Cook
    Founder, Audiopub

    P.S. – Already have an audiobook? That’s awesome! You can upload what you have at Audiopub by June 1 and get lots more listeners!

    P.P.S.- You can always learn more about us at https://www.audiopub.com We hope to hear your story soon!!

    P.P.P.S. – But shouldn’t authors not record their own work? Nonsense. https://intercom.help/audiopub/adding-your-story-on-audiopub/shouldnt-authors-not-read-their-own-books


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